Our Team

Rahiba Rahimi – Co- Founder & President
Is currently a political science student at the American University of Afghanistan, where she serves as a president for the Model United Nations (MUN) and at 21 a quite young female entrepreneur in a male dominated society and fashion industry. Her further activities reflect a diverse set of interests: Being an advocate of women’s stand in afghan society, she takes up the challenge to empower women through supporting them to become successful businesswomen and enter male dominated areas such as Fashion. Rahiba therefore with her team, has developed an in-house training program for female tailors and provides through an internship program young females insights into the business world at Laman. She describes her passion for fashion as dominant and and an art of unique representation of creativity, personality and professionalism.

Khalid Wardak – Founder
Is the Founder and the former Vice President of LAMAN. Graduating from Fashion School in London as a stylist; he came to Afghanistan in July 2014. His first job in Afghanistan was an Inventory manager for a US funded NGO called SALT International. He worked with that NGO for 6 months and moved back to Kabul. He had a vision of starting it’s own brand and with the help of his 2 high school friends he started LAMAN in April 2015. Khalid Wardak was responsible for men’s wear designs and also help the tailors and designer with women’s wear in LAMAN. As a creative and open minded individual he has a dream to revolutionise the style of Afghanistan in a way it’s elegant and traditional. In the past he has worked with Style magazines and private clients. Khalid left LAMAN in 2017 to start a new venture focusing on men’s wear.